Mini Tiles


2×3 inch ceramic tiles

SONY DSCI always enjoy making ceramic tiles especially when they can turn into murals. A few years ago I started experimenting with mini tiles that were about 2×3 inches. My initial interest was to submit them to artomat  an organization that takes retired cigarette vending machines and converts them to art vending machine.  The art work the machine dispense must be small pieces about 2×3 inches. Unfortunately, I never submitted any work to the project but I did continue to make mini tiles. Here are the results of the most recent tiles that I made. I hoping to turn them into a 2×2 ft tile mural



Screen Printing 101


Since I have tried screen printing with screens that had images on them already I wanted to try and make my own screens with images I created. I watched some Youtube videos which made the process look easy however, that was not the case. The first problem I ran into was reclaiming the screens. I had to remove the old emulsion  and images on the screen. I first tried spraying emulsion remover on the screen and rinsing it off with a water-hose.  This method proved to be unsuccessful because the pressure was not strong enough. As a result, I took the screens to the car wash  and used the pressure washer which worked better.


Cleaning screens at the car wash

After about an hour the screens were clean. I took them home and coated them with emulsion and let them dry overnight. I made some designs in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Afterwards, I went to OfficeMax and  printed them on transparencies and then burned the images on them.


This is what screen looks like after it has been exposed. The red paint is the emulsion


                         NM Pride


                                      I think this will make a nice cloth napkin set

Lesson learned from screen printing.

1.Things are never as easy as YouTube and Pinterest make them look.

2.Cleaning/reclaiming screens takes longer than you would think and using a pressure washer at a car wash is a must.

3. It’s good to do a test run before you print on your fabric.

4. After printing a couple images you should clean all the ink off the screen to get the best results for printing multiple times.

5. When designing images makes sure your have thick lines.

6. Coating screens in the dark is hard so I should probably buy a light safe darkroom bulb.

7. Screen printing is fun and I now I want to screen print everything.

Little Birds


Bird 1

Sometimes inspiration comes  midnight. I couldn’t sleep the other day and decided to start a new project. Now that it’s summer I thought it would be appropriate to paint some birds. I used acrylics and the drying time is so much faster than oils!  After the paint dried I coated the paintings with resin. The resin gives a nice shine/ glass like finish (it’s hard to tell from the picture). I was pleased with the resin finish and I’ll be using it more in the future.

Bird 2

Fabric Necklaces


Whenever I need some inspiration Pinterest is one of my first go to spots. I have boards full of craft ideas yet I never seem to get around to making them. I enjoy unique jewelry, when I saw pictures of fabric necklaces I knew I had to try making them.

To make the white fabric necklace I used a variety of different white fabric and ribbon. The fabric and ribbon were sewn together to make a flower. After they were sewn I  stitched beads in  the center.

Image from the internet

Pinterest Version

My Version

I was first drawn to the bright colors of the diameter necklace. I thought it would be easy to reproduce this necklace, turns out it was harder than I thought. There was a lot of trial and error in figuring out how to make  it. I used a variety of different fabrics, DMC embroidery floss,  and plastic diameters from Joann’s Fabric.


Pinterest Version

diameters 1

My Version